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Candidate Summary

Diligent and dependable worker, highly skilled in both the artistic and the technical. Early trainee in serious graphics and illustration, with published works at twelve years old. Self-educating and attentive, with a strong foundation in synergy, communication, and collaboration.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Advanced skills with digital graphics and illustration in both raster and vector formats.
  • Deep insight into science, mathematics, and computer imaging technology.
  • Flexibility to a wide range of software and hardware, including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion, GIMP, Inkscape, Audacity, Toon Boom, Blender, and Maya interfaces; SVN revision control and UNIX shell; Linux and OSX operating systems; drawing tablets, scanners, and DSLR cameras.
  • Familiarity with programming, scripting, and document languages including C, XML, HTML, CSS, SVG, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, JSON, Bash, ActionScript, R, POV-Ray SDL, XSLT, and LaTeX.
  • Strong sense of responsibility and self-driven education that provides reliability and keen problem-solving.
  • Excellent communication skills and long experience collaborating with teams, following direction, and meeting deadlines.


Bachelor of Arts, College of Arts & Sciences cum laude

The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio 2012-2014

Associate of Arts magna cum laude

Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland, Ohio 2011-2012

Work Experience

Marketing/Design Assistant

iTickets, Gahanna, Ohio 2017-Present

  • Interact with database to create, edit, and queue mass marketing emails.
  • Collaborate on UI/UX direction.
  • Draft UI/UX recommendations for both technical and at-a-glance communications.
  • Research technology behind new marketing strategies.

Graphic Designer

Center for Applied Plant Sciences, Ohio State University 2013-2014

  • Design web theme, create assets, and implement CSS on top of Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Design and create promotional poster.

Contract Graphic Designer

Shao Xun Loke, Columbus, Ohio 2016

Matthew Carr, Columbus, Ohio 2016

The Rock Community Church, Garfield Heights, Ohio 2010-2011

Compass Home Services, LLC, Columbus, Ohio 2010

Earl Palmiter, Pataskala, Ohio 2009

Brian Williams, Columbus, Ohio 2007

Scott Tanis, Columbus, Ohio 2006

  • Design logos and ads based on brand name and concepts, and produce final assets.
  • Sketch variations for client to choose from, and iterate successively from client feedback.

Contract Illustrator

Gabriel Markley, Pataskala, Ohio 2011-2016

Grant Neilley, Columbus, Ohio 2013

Amy Nicole Taylor, Nashville, Tennessee 2013

  • Consult on story continuity and research story world.
  • Work with author to design characters and aesthetic style.
  • Work with author on number and content of illustrations, including cover images.
  • Produce illustrations in consistent style with consistent character likenesses.


Malex Media Network, LLC, Pataskala, Ohio 2004-2011

  • Assist in web design, and produce theme assets.
  • Maintain and enhance extensive backend content repository with hundreds of XML documents.
  • Produce final illustrative graphics to support ongoing content management strategy.
  • Participate in writing and design, then illustrate up to three weekly media installments.
  • Appear at live events and conventions, representing company and illustrating on demand for attendees.
  • Manage and archive digital and paper assets.